Strategic Planning

Whether you need short, mid or long term strategic planning, we can help you with your business and system planning, taking into account technology trends and developments.

Business & Product Development

We bring a global business development perspective with a goal of increasing your revenues. Having worked with many manufacturers and system integrators, we can help you integrate end-to-end systems to meet your requirements.

Security & Information Assurance

In an increasingly congested, contested and competitive space environment, security and information assurance (IA) should be included in any system design from the very beginning.  We have experience in assessing and recommending systems and procedures to help you secure your system and client services.




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J.J. Shaw

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James Shaw Consulting, LLC is an innovative, visionary, goal-focused, client revenue-driven company.  We focus on finding commercial and military satellite communication solutions to solve your telecommunications requirements.  With over 30 years experience in C4ISR and contacts throughout the government and industry, we work with you to gain access to the right organizations and points of contact.



Fatin Kwasny

Inmarsat Government

In the time that I worked with J.J. and his Product Management team, especially in a time of realignment internally across the company,  JJ seamlessly guided his department with a high level of synergy and clarity, which also effectively supported our product marketing initiatives. His keen ability to bring people together was truly instrumental in allowing our teams to collectively align on critical factors to ensure the smooth launch of products to market.

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